Free SEO Analysis of your website

Komdigit offers a free SEO analysis of your website, to help you find out how successful it is at drawing visitors and generating leads.

We look at how easy it is to find your site online through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines, and then we compare the results to your competitors’ sites to show you where you stand competitively. 

Your free website analysis includes:

  • Discover Your Website Score
  • Organic Search Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Facebook Presence
  • Local Presence
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Free Website Consultation, In addition to your website analysis you’ll also receive a free website consultation call from an SEO consultant. Your consultant can begin the process of developing an SEO strategy to help you get to page one of Google, bring more visitors to your website, and ultimately grow your business.

Free SEO Analysis

Answers your SEO burning questions:

• Website analysis:

• The excitement of seeing what SEO can do for your website right away: FREE FREE priceless

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“SEO is the WORK that goes into your website to build relevance and trust so that it ranks on the first page of Google. 

Relevance + Trust = Best Answer = Page One Rankings

How does SEO work exactly?

  • Creating an offer or information for specific audiences.
  • Anticipating what that audience will search for and the words they will search with
  • Providing content/offers that will fulfill their informational/situational needs
  • Building Content that represents the site owner well with a positive impression
  • Earning links and mentions to increase awareness and traffic
  • Increasing Awareness & understanding about who the site owner is and having them included in the knowledge graph.

How can I improve my website SEO performance?

It can take a number of months to see results from SEO efforts. That can involve:

  • Studying audiences for a site.
  • Developing an SEO Strategy.
  • Analyzing a site for needed changes.
  • Implementing changes, writing & updating content, earning links, building relationships
  • Buying ads & marketing to gain exposure
  • Quarterly(ish) quality update to reflect user data changes
  • Time in between improvements & if there was enough data for it to positively impact the quarterly quality updates Doing enough of everything to offset competitors

How long does it take to see results?

Good SEO can’t be done overnight, it takes time. Many of our clients start to see their rankings rise within 3-4 months. In fact, 86% of our small business clients begin reaching the 1st page of Google after 6-9 months of SEO work (when implementing our recommended keywords).

''That may depend upon the SEO, but yes, planning & building an effective strategy & implementing changes usually doesn't happen overnight & may take some time, & effort & careful planning & relationship building. It's not a once & done effort, and isn't like winning the lottery'' - Bill Slawski

SEO Campaign Results Timeline

First 30 Gays - During the first month, we lay a strong foundation for the campaign’s success. 

2-5 Months - Keywords begin to move up the rankings. We act as an online marketing extension of your website’s business, promoting your business everywhere your customers search. You will experience keyword fluctuation as Google starts to recognize your website. We work on optimizations and linkbuilding to build your’s website’s trust and relevance

6-9 Months - Success! Once reaching page one for your website’s selected keywords, we want to keep them there! We continue working hard to ensure your campaign maintains top page rankings, while nurturing and elevating more keywords to help you rise above your competition. Note: Implementing our keyword recommendations is the key to success - we know how to target the right keywords for your’s business so you get optimal results

9+ Months - Stay ranking & expand your website reach! We build on your client’s success. Now that they have Google’s attention and their online presence is growing, we continue to leverage this momentum and optimize for new keywords. It’s important your website continues with SEO. As more keywords reach page one, we gather new information and strategize with  your website on what services, products, and locations they’ll want to focus on next!

“So tell me more about your business!

 What does your company do and where are you located?

What goals do you have in mind for your website?

What have you done to promote your business?

Have you used SEO before or is this brand new for you?

So when we talk about SEO, there are two things that Google looks at when deciding who’s going to be on page one.

The first thing is relevance; this has everything to do with your website and Google seeing exactly what you do and what makes you the expert in your industry. If your website says you are a shoe company, Google wants to see that you sell shoes. Not furniture. Not books. Not inflatable clown houses. Shoes. They want to make sure you are who you say you are.

Secondly, Google looks for trust. A website’s trust is determined by the number of other websites that link back to your website. These links, called backlinks, are kind of like a ‘vote of confidence’ from one website to another. It’s a signal to Google that other people can vouch for and recommend your services and products. The more of these links you have, and the more relevant and trusted they are, the more trusted you will be, too!

When we work on your SEO, we have three main goals:

  • First, we want to make sure you’re seen as the most relevant answer. To figure this out, we do an in-depth analysis of your website and research your customers. We want to see how your customers search, what they search for, and what your competition does.
  • Our second goal is to make sure you have the most trusted site in your industry. Depending on your strategy, we’ll write and publish articles and blog posts, and submit business directories and profiles. All of this work creates a trail that leads potential customers back to your business. Kind of like Hansel and Gretel leaving cookies as a path to find their way home. With these trails all leading back to your website, we start to see significant improvement in your rankings between months 2-4, and generally see first page rankings by months 6-9.
  • Our third goal comes after we get you on page one of Google. After reaching the first page, we keep working to make sure your company stays on top, by consistently implementing new and more competitive keywords to help you dominate in your industry

As Google starts recognizing you as the most trusted and relevant source in your industry, you’ll see your rankings increase. As your ranking increases, the more likely traffic to your website will increase. Increased traffic can lead to more customers finding and choosing your business over your competitors. You can even see how your campaign is doing by accessing our reporting dashboard. You’ll be able to see all your keywords, their rankings, and all the individual tasks being done on your campaign in real time.”