Conversion Rate Optimization Services (CRO) | Audits and Reviews by KomDigit Agency

Conversion Rate Optimization 

Thanks to conversion rate optimization, our team will be able to detect any flow issues on the website, as well as conversion barriers. To achieve this, we will need to get a full understanding of the following items.
-    Types of users visiting the website and their intent
-    Conversion goals of the company and user experience
-    Pre-existing flow and logic behind it. 
Once we fully understand these three items, we will be able to locate any potential barrier that may lead to users abandoning your website. It is common for visitors to leave a website without satisfying their needs, and this can significantly hurt your business and company goals. The main quality of this audit is conversion reports that may identify immediate changes that can lead to increased conversions. Moreover, it may outline strategic initiatives that will increase the quality and size of the sales funnel. 

Full Webpage Audit
One of the examples of the audit is the touchpoint audit. The goal behind it is to determine whether there are any conversion barriers appearing on the visitor journey. Touchpoint applies to both mobile and desktop versions of the site, as well as emails, phone support, chat, returns, policies, product shipping, etc. 
We will ensure that each visit and interaction between the customer and the website is smooth and that it increases their desire to engage more with your company. 

Firstly, we will analyze visitors’ experience in order to determine if there are any gaps in engagement and technology. Some of the tests our team will perform are:
-    Using web analytics to determine if there are problems or issues on the website
-    Using voice-of customer technology
-    Determine whether there is a misalignment between visitor’s intent and engagement
-    Analyze upstream traffic acquisition campaigns
-    Determine if there are any problems with the user experience
-    Create a plan for addressing the most important problems

Our next goal is to align the users’ desire and intent with the user experience. The second part of the audit our team will perform include:
-    Creating a user-centered website
-    Landing pages
-    Guarantees and other important policies
-    Customer services like email, chat, phone, and others
-    Potential errors where we will try to break the site to see if everything is working according to plans
-    Discovering why users abandon the site and whether it is what they were looking for 

After we have finished with the analysis, we will recommend a plan for you. This will help you prioritize actions from the website diagnosis, focus on quick wins, as well as any additional tools and technologies that may help you improve your business.

Expert Review of Your Website
This part of the process focuses on the user experience, and our goal is to determine if there are any issues that we can easily fix. This diagnosis involves:
-    The visual design of your website
-    The first impression
-    Effectiveness and clarity of headlines
-    Colors, graphics, fonts, and design 
-    How intuitive it is, and others
Commonly, problems can be fixed easily. At Komdigit, we had a lot of experience working on problems with user experience, and we will be able to help you in no time.