Kodigit Agency 5 Onsite Recommendations

Onsite recommendations (OSRs)  are critical updates to  your website  that  allow search engines and users to quickly and clearly understand what your business is all about. Our OSRs ensure your keywords are prominently featured in key sections throughout your website. If a website has clear, purposeful content it will be rewarded with higher rankings

Our Top 5 Onsite Recommendations       

  1. Page Title This is what a user sees in their browser "tabs"
  2. Meta Description This generally appears in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and is used to explain the purpose of the page to a searcher.
  3.  H1 Tag Just like a chapter heading in a book, this highlights the importance of a term on a page.
  4.  Additional H-tags These are used to emphasize key phrases on a page.
  5. Alt Image Tags These are used to describe the content of a picture/image 

Komdigit Agency Top 5 Onsite recommendations