Komdigit Agency Gets a Perfect Score for 2021


Komdigit Agency Gets a Perfect Score for 2021

A review score is one of the most important metrics for a business that’s decided to choose that option. The fact that it’s a variable that’s mostly out of a company’s control makes it one of the most difficult to get right much less maintain. It’s for this reason that we are quite happy to announce that Komdigit Agency has recorded a five-star score for 2021 on our Clutch profile. Komdigit Agency Gets a Perfect Score for 2021

This handy metric comes from the new year-in-review feature from Clutch. It analyzed and summarized all the activity on the profile to make it easily shareable. This is one of if not the best result we could have hoped for to end 2021 on a high note.

This provides a great morale boost for our team as well as higher expectations from our clients from now on. We are confident that we can meet any challenge that will come our way in the new year and help us grow as a team.

One of our goals is to be included in the list of best SEO firms on Clutch in order to cement our reputation in the industry and validate our skills to potential clients. Our team will do our utmost to rise through the ranks of our industry and maintain the positive status we have now.

We owe it to ourselves and our clients to keep improving and we hope to get more good news when we revisit our status at the end of 2022. Join us on this journey and get on the fastrack to being relevant in your industry. Contact us today and get a proposal from our team of marketing experts and professionals.