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Social Media and Marketing
Presence on social media is one of the most important factors of off-page SEO. It requires dedication and strategic plans that will perfectly capture the nature of your business. Our goal at KomDigit is to ensure that you have everything you need to be successful on social media from content creation to everyday management. 
Social Planning and Strategy
Komdigit team will help you develop a unique strategy tailored just for you. Our team has years of experience and will help you define your goals to create a perfect social media plan. The process includes discovering audience segments and finding out a platform that will target them the best. We will ensure that you understand what kind of content you need to ensure maximum engagement and high return of investment.
Chanel Development
We will use our knowledge to help you create a perfect social media profile, that will capture the essence of your business. This will allow you to create custom features and content that will engage users more effectively. We will also include the best SEO practices in designing your social media profile. 
Content Development
As you probably know already, unique and compelling content is the most important part of the process. Fortunately, our team is experienced in the field, and they will be able to help you develop stories, social media posts, videos, articles, infographics, and any other content you might need to ensure that your audience will enjoy it. Moreover, our proven method will help you create posts that your audience will share and consume. Once we agree on the approach your company should take, we can proceed to design unique content for your profiles. Thanks to high-quality content, more people will be willing to share images and videos from your page, which will result in more views, and brand recognition. Furthermore, if you allow embedding of your content, it will create more backlinks leading to your website. 
Contests and Promotions
Komdigit will help you develop various contests and promotions that will boost engagement and help you build email lists faster. With the right content, you won’t have any problems going viral. Some of the most popular types of marketing involve giveaways, competitions for the best comment, referral promotions, like-to-win contests, and many others. You probably saw time and again people calling for action or asking for opinions that will lead to more users’ comments. It is a simple, yet effective way to make users engage in activities, and we know so many more tricks. Various contests are just one of the ways to interest people into what you have to offer. Of course, we know that sharing is important, and we will teach you everything you need to know to make your posts go viral. 
To ensure that everything goes according to plan, you will need to measure the results. This includes critical metrics like numbers of fans or followers, number of actions (like shares or retweets), and various types of interactions between members. 
Creating incredible content is just one step of the way. The key is to have a constant level of quality across your social media platforms. Our team can assist you to set up a profile for your company or brand, as well as enable you to interact with your customers and create a unique stream of content on a regular basis. This way, your audience will be engaged, and have constant updates on your profile. 
Getting Followers
One of the things you will have to consider is reaching out to a high number of people across the world. But to do this, you will need to have a clear understanding of your customers and audience. We will assist you in finding the right influencers and profiles you should follow, and that will enable you to expand your circle of friends. 
We can also help you integrate call-to-action into your digital campaign. This way, people will discover you and with each new follow, you will expand your circle of friends allowing you to grow as a company even further. 
Paid Campaigns and Promotions
Even though having organic social media followers can be highly effective, finding the right audience can be rather challenging. Furthermore, you will have a difficult time reaching even ten percent of your audience organically since the competition can be quite high. According to our stats, having a paid campaign can deliver even greater results. Their goal is to target a specific audience and people who are interested in things that are similar to your business. Similarly, having a boost on your post on social media can reach more people and help you expand your organic post. These methods can assist you in getting a certain number of followers, clicks, or engagements. Our team can help you with this decision and create a plan that can help you increase your presence on social media. There are several ways you can approach paid promotions and campaigns, and if you are interested in something like this, Komdigit Agency will help you every step of the way.