UI/UX Design Services | Make Your Business Stand Out‎

Services we offer will help you establish and retain digital dominance in your sphere for both desktop and mobile users. Moreover, we can help you understand desires, needs, wants, and even motivations that drive each of your customers. 
With our unique approach, we will ensure that your website is accessible by everyone, and it’s easy to use. We don’t want any boundaries and issues for your potential customers, so we will create the website you deserve. 

User Testing

At Komdigit Agency we understand how important users are and we perform tests every step of the process. Our goal is to ensure user interaction, unique design, and even how cool your site is. This will enable you to move your users toward your goal and ensure mutual satisfaction. 


The first step of the process is initial collaboration. Our goal is to understand your business and what you aim to achieve. We intend to get as much information as we can about what drives you to ensure that your future website perfectly captures you and your brand. After that, we will inform our team and they will start creating an outline of the future process.

Discovering Workshops and Strategy

Our workshop will provide necessary information that will help us create the most optimal user experience. Moreover, you will receive a guide for the formation of the interface. Naturally, we have a team of strategists and designers that will provide leadership for the duration of the workshop.


As soon as we finish with the workshop, we will use documents and information to start exploring some of the many ideas in detail. During the series of exercises, our team will design deliverables that will be used as a wireframe and guide during the next phase.

Designing Prototype

During the phase, we will design several prototypes that will serve as a foundation for usability tests and visual design. Naturally, you will get a chance to see if the wireframe follows the ideas you had. With our recommendations, we will proceed to the final phase.


During the final testing phase, we will go through a series of planning, feedback, backlog management and creation, reviews, changes, issues, and anything else that may occur during the process.

The website is only as good as the content on it, and we aim to create the best. UI or User Interface is the graphical layout of an app. Everything you see on the website is part of the UI. This includes all buttons, text your users will read, images, and any other visual element. 
Our designers will ensure that your website appeals to the right audience and that it offers a unique, beautiful, and exciting design. 
UX, on the other hand, is the User Experience during their visit. It shows how easy it is to navigate the website and it is determined by how easy it is to interact with elements of the UI. 
We will work with you to determine the best UX layouts for your business and to ensure that it is something your audience can enjoy exploring.

Content Strategy

Your website is as only as good as its content. We’ll help you determine how to best present meaningful content that adds value for your users.

Persona Development

No two demographics are 100% alike. Persona profiles can help illuminate similarities and differences to better meet your goals and reach the right audience.

Journey and Decision Mapping

Every user goes through a specific path based on their needs as they navigate your site. We help define that journey, identify pain points, and provide solutions.

Information Architecture

Our content strategists know the ins and outs of user flow and navigation. Komdigit Agency helps you communicate the right content structure to your users.

Wireframes & Prototyping

Before design and development, we work with you to determine what UX layouts best serve your audience with wireframes and prototypes you can explore.

User Testing

Every feature is thoroughly vetted and tested to ensure it’s a smooth experience for your users.