Web and Mobile Software Development Services

The only way to stay relevant in modern digital culture is to follow the ever-changing technology and stay competitive. Komdigit Agency offers you a chance to explore web and mobile development, software development, mobile apps, and so much more. Whether you are looking for attractive web design, or for an app for mobile devices, our development team got you covered. 

Front-End Development

In web development, front-end is used to describe converting data into a graphical interface. This means that whenever you visit a website, everything you see is designed by a front-end developer. At Komdigit, we offer the most popular languages in the front-end like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, and many others. Moreover, the technologies used in front-end development involve different frameworks as well like jQuery, Foundation, Bootstrap, Reactjs, Vue.js, Node.js, etc. Komdigit skilled team of developers keeps up with the latest technology, and they will ensure that you get a visually appealing and interactive website or application.

Back-End Development

Front-end would be nothing without the Software Development Companies If the front-end is the nice car you see on the street, the back-end is the engine, breaks, airbags, and everything located under the hood. The back-end is the backbone of every website, and they are the ones that make everything possible. At Komdigit Agency,  we have an excellent team of back-end developers that can make your dream app come true. Thanks to our incredible dev team, we can offer full web development as well as customization of a pre-existing web application. Naturally, the team is following the latest trends and we cover languages like PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, and popular frameworks like Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and others.

Database Development

If you need assistance with your database, or you desire to have a brand new one for yourself, we can help you with that problem. The main goal of the database management system is to interact with applications, users, and the database to analyze and capture data. Komdigit is here to help you with the most commonly used SQL and NoSQL, including Oracle, Aurora, MySQL, MongoDB - One Platform, many workloads, etc.