What are key elements of Core Web Vitals ?

Core Web Vital are part of Web Witals, help sites focus on the metrics that matter most. Key elements of Core Web Vitals are:

1. Largest Contentful Paint, which measures loading performance. It's the largest visible element loaded on the page, which is usually a featured image, text block, or even your H1 tag.

2. First Input Delay, which measures interactivity. It's the time between someone interacting with your page and your page responding, like by clicking a link, entering text into a form field, or opening a dropdown menu.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift, which measures visual stability. It's the stability of a page's layout, with Google monitoring how a page's layout shifts when someone first lands on a page.

4. Mobile usability: Your page should be mobile-friendly

5. Security: Your page shouldn’t have any security issues

6. HTTPS: Your page should use HTTPS

7. Ad experience: Any ads on your page shouldn’t create a poor user experience

Google combines the signals derived from Core Web Vitals with Google existing Search signals for page experience, including mobile-friendlinessHTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines, to provide a holistic picture of page experience.

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What are key elements of Core Web Vitals ?