Komdigit Agency visited Free coworking event at Half Full Brewery by TechHub, The Stamford Partnersip

Stamford, CT 5th and 12th May 2022

Last Thursday , Komdigit Agency visited The Stamford Partnership event hosted a a free coworking space at Third Place by Half Full Brewery. Great event lots of new connections and 2 great Start-up presentations:

WKNDR: Problem: Young professionals have a hard time coordinating weekend plans with their friend group due to scheduling and interest conflicts.
Solution: A spontaneous group planning app called WKNDR focused on local experiences, to streamline coordination of weekend plans.
MVP: Home (awsapprunner.com)
Next Steps: The WKNDR team is testing the MVP and working with one of the consultants on monetization and customer acquisiti

Onset Sensor Project: Onset HOBO and InTemp Data Loggers (onsetcomp.com)
Onset is a company that specializes in providing data from their network of environmental sensors to clients interested in monitoring their environments (farmers, environmental researchers, etc.). Onset came to us looking for new industries to expand into, as well as what changes are necessary to be competitive within those industries. We met with them multiple times to better understand the things their sensors can monitor (temperature, windspeed, soil moisture, sunlight, etc.) as well as the methods in which that they relay that data to their clients. We toured their user interface, as well as assessed the limitations of their data visualization processes. Ultimately, we chose the construction industry because of our expertise in the field.
Problem: After diving into our research in the construction industry, we found heat incidents is a serious pain-point.
Solution: We are working with Onset to deploy sensors that monitor weather (temp, wind, humidity, etc.) that will alert construction workers when to take breaks and provides the construction company with a database for citation and insurance purposes.

I met two exceptional professionals, Keith Reynolds, founder and CEO of Publi.io, a content strategy comany, Keith is also author of book The New Content Culture – great source for brands, small and medim companies to help create impactful content, and attract new customers online, also I met Eric Knaus CEO & Founder of Entrepositive business consulting firm.

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