Web Development

End-to-end web development services. Komdigit Agency skilled team of web developers can build the products and put the platforms in place which accelerate digital growth.

Real Time Dashboards –Financial & Operations

In a world where real time information, data, and communication is vastly expanding – so are our applications. Our developers can create custom real time dashboards that can provide up to the minute stats and reporting metrics that are vital to your businesses successes.

B2B & B2C Platforms

 Collaboration Platforms internal company/organization tools to boost personal or group activity document repositories, issue tracking, messaging etc.. Colaboration platforms providing communication for business to business or a business to customer to organize product ordering, inventory queries, shipping and invoicing.

Company Websites

Web Development with emphasis on design and presentation of a brand that can stretch from small website to a large corporation website. Mobile development development of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

  • Website design and development
     Mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Web apps and SaaS software
  • Digital products
  • UI/UX strategy and implementation
  • Apps for wearable devices
  • Blockchain applications
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • IoT technology
  • Enterprise software
  • CRM systems
  • UX/UI design
  • AI and machine learning

  The Full agile web development process of apps 

                   Get a Top-class agile product team


At Komdigit through agile web development, the project is built over a number of iterative cycles. New builds of the project are regularly shared with you to solicit your feedback and integrate your suggestions and recommendations into the project. 

                                                    Why Partner Up with Komdigit Agency Web Development Company

  • Komdigit offers cost-effective model outsourcing abroad helps reduce prices, expenses, and costs
  • We craft custom software tailored to your business by collaborating with you

  • Every member of Komdigit’s team keeps your business context front of mind
  • Business Innovation is Komdigit specialty
  • KPI-based progress and quality control
  • QA engineers monitor compliance with quality and security standards.
  • Our technologies adjusted to client’s project needs
  • We’ll help you determine security and encryption requirements, the cost of custom software development, database and cloud software, as well as integration with hardware and software

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Web Development Company- scope of work

Business research and analysis – Komdigit’ web analysts focus on the needs of your target audience to perform requirements engineering and outline the scope of the web solution. During this phase, it is important to visualize what type of audience your website is going to be featured to. Taking into consideration their age, gender, preferences, and habits, set goals and generate requirement web projects documents.

Planning and Strategy – It’s very important step in web developmwnt precess, whether you are getting ready to launch a website or you already have an existing site, your website or app needs to develop a website strategy that elevates the effectiveness of your website and makes it more useful to your customers. Create website goals, create on-site funnel that guides customers to take desired action on your website, define your target audience, target audience, is the entire market of potential customers your business identifies. The data used to define the target audience is usually: age, gender

education background, purchasing power, social class, location,consumption habit

Front-end design and development & Back-end development – Komdigit’s web designers closely analyze the user audience to understand their needs and reflect these findings in UI design. Problem solving and user behavior analytics is a base of front-end development. That’s why front end development services should focus on the latest technologies that guarantee market success. Komdigit as a top front-end development company we do everything to not only apply but also enhance your market value proposition. Our front end web development company will make sure your users can get to the ultimate goal as fast as possible and map out the natural navigation flow you need them to follow

Content Creation– you can start the content creation and optimization process. Start creating and updating the pages and posts you need to align with your website strategy. Content ideation is a first step in content strategy. Find opportunities through keyword research. 

Testing and Quality Assurance – The QA team performs repeated testing all methods such as unit testing, stress testing, and load testing, checking the functionality, usability, compatibility, and performance of the web application. 

Deployment and Maintenance, Continuous support and evolution – When the system meets client’s approval and is ready to publish, we deploy it to your production environment and assist with your organization’s transition to the new system. The development platforms we use support a broad range of deployment options. We advance your web-based software to keep it efficient, responsive and competitive on the market, and compliant with all your evolving business needs.

Why Brands choose Komdigit as their Web Development Company

There are some of our values that help us to Stand Out from competiors:

  • Agile development and methodology
  • Offering diverse suite of services
  • Proactive aaproach
  • Positive and Inspiring Company Culture
  • Komdigit puts the customer first above any other priority
  • Strong transparent communication from both sides, including all members of our team and the client
  • Make Customer Support a Top Priority
  • We use the best web development solutions to match each client’s unique business goals
  • Staying up-to-date with new features and technologies and bring maximum value to your digital product

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