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We provide software development and software automation services. We craft custom software tailored to your business by collaborating with you

We build Sales Ready
Digital Products

KomDigit Agency is a  custom software development and IT Outsourcing company that transforms business through design & technology. For over 6 years, we’ve provided strategic services, software development, DevOps, user experience design, to the world’s top companies.

We provide software development and software automation services

Custom platform development

C#, ASP.NET, JS, Java

Web development

  • Web apps and SaaS software
  • Digital products
  • UI/UX strategy & implementation
  • Apps for wearable devices
  • Blockchain applications
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • IoT technology
  • Enterprise software
  • CRM systems
  • UX/UI design
  • AI and machine learning

Create responsive, fast & secure web applications tailored for client’s business needs. – Web Development Service

Mobile development

Native or hybrid


Launch Your Product with Komdigit, Your Softare Development partner

Our domain references are in SaaS, retail, logistic, transport services support, finance, construction and document digitization industry where we have developed our own products.

Cutting-edge Web Application for Fintech Startup

Digital transformation for Car Dealrship

Web platform for Farmers

Our expertize and services

Architectual Service- Assessment – Concept & Design

Software Development – Microsoft – Java –UX , VueJS, React, Java, Python, AWS Cognito , Laravel, NuxtJs, Rust, Ruby, ReactNative, Flutter (Dart), Angular, Ionic, NestJs

Operations – Infrastructiue Automation – Cloud Management

Quality Assurance – Manual & Automated Testing

Website design and development

Mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows -Payment gateway integrations)

Web apps and SaaS software IoT technology

Digital products – Enterprise software

UI/UX strategy and implementation -CRM systems

Apps for wearable devices – UX/UI design

AI and machine learning – Blockchain applications

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UX/UI Research & Design

Empathize with users through research to design applications and digital experiences that solve their problems efficiently.

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Digital Product Strategy

Envision the future of your product by crafting a value proposition that evolves over time, guided by a technology roadmap.

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Innovation & Prototyping

Innovation comes at a cost; get to your desired result faster through prototyping
and applying the agile methodology.

Web App Development

Create engaging digital experiences with a performant and stable web application backed by industry leading QA practices.

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Mobile App Development

Deliver user value conveniently and in ways only possible through mobile technology with native apps for iOS or Android.

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Technology Integration

Combine different technologies used in your business to create seamless processes and improve your team's everyday efficiency.

We craft custom software tailored to your business by collaborating with you

Our team approaches every project like it’s the first of many engagements where long-term client satisfaction is at the core of every decision made.

We learn Your Business
We Solve Business Problems
Innovation Software is Komdigit' Specialty

Every member of our team keeps your business context front of mind. We actively learn your domain to tailor a solution to your needs. We have served a large number of industries, and yours could be next!

After 10+ years in business we have become adept at helping our partners leverage tailored software. Our goal is to work with you to identify opportunities, and deliver software that drives your value.

Test and validate your Ideas. Komdigit can deliver a clickable proptotype in just 10 days. We push the boundaries of what’s possible with software. This means that no matter your context, our team is eager to discover new ways to innovate and help you realize your company’s goals.

We think with you.
We build with you.



Business Analysis, User Insights, Product Roadmaps

We explore the journey of your users by creating a set of user stories that range from basic usability to the most in-depth functionality for how people will interact with your app. We work with you to create a shared understanding of the project scope, business requirements, and technical specifications.



UX Research, Usability Testing, Prototyping

Our UX/UI team will help make your software elegant and highly functional. Wireframes and a clickable prototype enable us to visually outline a cohesive and intuitive user experience. A combination of experience, user research, and your inspirations are used to create iterative designs for the user interface.



Privacy & Security, DevOps, Quality Assurance

We follow and improve upon industry best practices, applying a scrum-based agile methodology with development work planned in 1-2 week sprints by cross functional teams. Experienced programmers use modern technologies to develop reliable and scalable cross platform or native apps for iOS, Android, and the web.



CI/CD, Performance Analytics, Global Distribution

We test rigorously, release regular builds, and demonstrate changes with each sprint. Depending on the project we may also suggest a continuous delivery approach and can also provide user training. Either way there are many opportunities for feedback and no surprises when your app goes live to production.



Product Support, Documentation, User Training

We are committed to your long term success and following release we will address any remaining bugs to ensure your users are happy. Our team will provide all handoff documentation as required but we are available to support your product throughout its lifetime. We create flexible maintenance agreements that suit your continued development needs.

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