About Komdigit Agency

We are a New York City-based digital company

KomDigit Agency is focused on clients and providing the best digital service to other small and medium-sized companies and organizations. We help businesses grow and spread by building their presence in the online world.

About Komdigit Agency. We do that by offering a joined-up approach to web development, software development, web design, SEO and paid search  marketing (About us Komdigit AgencySEM & PPC services). That means that when a new website is built from a ground up, it is designed with SEO in mind. Every aspect of the site is optimized for search engines and has a user-friendly design. Likewise, if you already have a site which you would like to enhance, our innovative and creative aspect will help you get started.

Our goal is to help you successfully build your brand and market yourself and your services, both locally and globally. In that way, you can develop a more meaningful and in-depth relationship with your current and potential clients. With our expert help, you will make your online presence compelling and noteworthy. And not only that. With the right software development partner, you can undoubtedly stand out in your field of expertise.

Komdigit's Core Values

In order to offer the utmost professional experience and value to our clients, we have set out five ground values that represent the core of our business.


We are a team of creative specialist and craftspeople who will help you thrive. We come from our walks of life, but have one thing in common – the passion for information technologies. You can rest assured that the whole team of software professionals is engaged until the job is properly done.


With the help of leading edge technologies, we push the bounders of the software in order to come upon new ways to innovate and accomplish your company goals.


With our agile process, we want to include our clients in every step of the process. In that way, we will align the technology to the enterprise and tailor a perfect product to correspond to all of your digital needs.


We are the software development company that not only offers beautifully designed solutions, but also helps your enterprise run smoother and smarter. We are the definition of perfection by constantly pursuing and developing our skills, knowledge, and inventiveness.


Whether you are looking for full-stack web development, or you need some competence in digital marketing and strategy, we will cover all your needs to ensure your enterprise is running successfully.

Komdigit Agency About Us
About Komdigit Software Development Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team

Software & Web Developmet Team

SEO Director, Digital Strategist, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Technical Lead, Head of Content, Content Marketing manager, Brand Content Writers, Digital PR and Social Media Managers, Conversion Rate Optimizer 

Quality Assurance Engineer (QA), Developers (Front-end/ Back-end), UX Designer, UI Designer, Project Manager (PM), Business Analyst (BA), Product owner, Software architect, Software testing engineer, Test automation engineer, DevOps engineer