Largest Contentful Paint is a metric that measures how quickly a page’s main content loads and renders (or paints) most of its visual elements to the screen. How to  Optimize Largest Contentful Paint      
Baruch College Verizon Mentorship Program  Komdigit Agency  CEO & Founder Dusan Agbaba participate as a mentor at Baruch College faculty  and Lehmann College CUNY in a workshop series focused on basic digital marketing skills, Search Engine… more
Google Adrienne Clem  explains why mobile site performance and user experience is a critical component of online marketing. She covers the mobile best practices that can help turn missed opportunities into search engine optimization   
Core Web Vital are part of Web Witals, help sites focus on the metrics that matter most. Key elements of Core Web Vitals are: 1. Largest Contentful Paint, which measures loading performance. It's the largest visible element loaded on the page,… more
Onsite recommendations (OSRs)  are critical updates to  your website  that  allow search engines and users to quickly and clearly understand what your business is all about. Our OSRs ensure your keywords are prominently featured in key sections… more