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We offer the most comprehensive distributine networks. Komdigit’s Press Release Distribution Service for Small business and large coprorations  

National Press Release Distribution Service

Industry and Demographic Distribution Lists

Newswire Digital Distribution 

Target the Right Media Contacts

Target the Right Media Contacts of more than 4,000 websites, nearly 3,000 media outlets, and more than 500 news content systems. The network also includes PR Newswire for Journalists, This includes major distribution points including Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Seeking Alpha, Shopify, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, NewsNow, New York Magazine, CNBC, and Business Journals

Your press release may be sent to your choice of industry target/trade categories. Industry and Demographic Distribution Lists

Create demand with content distribution

We have nurtured relationships with top journalists, reporters, bloggers, and influencers

Expose Your Content to a Worldwide Audience

Have you ever wondered if your press release is simply a cold list “send to all” email that ends up in the spam folder? Sadly, many low-quality internet press release firms do that, sending bogus “” emails that might not even exist (or just get filtered out). Therefore, feel free to pay $50 and receive no genuine deliveries. However, there is an even more effective method that is inexpensive.

We have developed a massive database of active journalists that is arranged by coverage areas and other important factors. We have the delivery success metric below as a result of this.

To Reach Your Viewers, We Help You Target Your News

The distribution of press releases requires a thorough understanding of your target audience, their interests, and the best ways to reach them. Better outcomes come from spreading your news to those who are most interested. KomDigit provides several ways to target your news effectively as well as tools to monitor and measure your progress.

Make and Distribute

Consolidate all released press materials in a newsroom that exudes professionalism. Write press releases, news stories, and blog pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Increase Your Reach

While intelligent technology links your material with the appropriate journalists locally and globally, our huge journalist database and excellent SEO can help you expand your audience.

Report on Your Analysis

Be data-driven in your PR activities, keep track of your media coverage, and produce reports demonstrating your communications’ impact.

Build Up Your Brand

With senior expertise in strategies, content, and brand building, KomDigit’s content agency can help you increase your visibility through content marketing.

Build up Your Audience

With KomDigit, you can publish press releases and news in a polished newsroom and watch as your rating rises in the search engine results. Access a database with more than a million journalists and choose those who follow the news about your themes with interest. Directly from the site, you can build and send emails to media lists and personal contacts as well as share your material on social media.

What Qualities Should I Search for in a Press Release Service?

Online Locations

We often hear people say, “I’m looking for the greatest press release distribution service.” When choosing which service to employ, there are numerous factors to take into account. However, there are a few that stand out:

  • How long has the firm been operating?
  • What are some of their clientele who have used their services
  • And what kind of news distribution outlets do they have?

Your press release is distributed by KomDigit to a wide range of internet destinations, popular news websites, and several other locations (where thousands of journalists are registered and want to receive your press release news).

Readers and Customers

With the help of our social media share tools, your story may be shared on social media, reaching audiences other than journalists and directly to consumers. A press release that gains widespread social media attention may get more coverage than one that is picked up by a magazine or newspaper. On rare occasions, you can have it all!

We Generate Buzz and Publicity for You

Using KomDigit makes it simple to generate publicity. In addition to distributing your news to customers, bloggers, and journalists, KomDigit also offers website owners new, unique content that they can utilize to update their pages with the latest business news.

The newest social media sharing features, such as quick links for your audience to share your news on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are included in every KomDigit news story.

KomDigit offers you maximum visibility at the lowest possible cost and is one of the most cost-effective strategies to improve your internet presence. Anyone wishing to share the news with the media should constantly weigh the cost against the visibility. Especially if they are a small business owner or just getting started. Our customers tell us that we offer “the biggest bang for the buck in the industry,” making us a great option for small to medium-sized enterprises, even if we don’t claim to have the broadest distribution.

Want to create a list of media contacts to whom you can send press releases? We can assure you that it is a very challenging, time-consuming, and expensive task.

Why not allow releases to do that for you by distributing your press releases to our media list of over 1.7 million contacts, journalists, bloggers, and influencers, arranged geographically, by industry, and even incorporating online and local media, rather than attempting to create and maintain that list?

Additionally, every press release distribution reaches contacts in the local and national media, including 4,500 major news websites, 550 news content systems, and 3,000 newsrooms.

Use any of the aforementioned categories to search to find out whom your press release will reach.

What Our Press Release Writing Services Provide


  • Clearly stated and well-written press release
  • With second-class editing and proofreading
  • Swift professional assistance (less than one-week turnaround)

Simply put, you decide how much control you wish to have over the press release authoring process. We’ll leave the rest to our authors. They are quite skilled at getting in touch with you to obtain the crucial detail that elevates a press release from decent to excellent, frequently in the first draft.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is KomDigit’s  5-Step Press Release Process
1.    Make Your Content

To draw the attention of journalists, analysts, and customers, provide an insightful headline and current content.

Press releases with multimedia content are more effective at grabbing readers’ attention than releases with just text. Also, bloggers and reporters like them.

2.    Decide Whom to Address

Select from more than 200 industry and trade categories and 1,600 geographic distribution possibilities.

3.    File Regulations

As your work is being readied for distribution, our knowledgeable editors carefully examine it.

KomDigit ensures that your release’s formatting and hyperlinks are preserved across various news platforms and devices.

We transmit your release in the tongue that is most often spoken by the local media and, if necessary, we arrange for a certified translation.

4.    We Provide News to You

We distribute your fully structured press releases to your chosen audiences using our news delivery platform, enticing interested parties to read more of your news.

KomDigit constantly passes through external audits, more so than any other newswire, to make sure all security and legal criteria are always followed.

5.    Analyze & Improve Business

Our Earned and Social Media Report keeps tabs on syndicated placements, social media conversations, and earned media coverage.

What is a media list?

A media list is a directory of significant media figures who write or report on your particular issue areas (also known as a press list, news outlet list, or press contact list).

They typically include the person’s full name, address, phone number, preferred means of contact, the name of the media outlet they work for, and—most importantly—the kind of topic they are most interested in covering.

How challenging is it to create and maintain an updated media list?

 As you can expect, press relationships are always changing as journalists and reporters switch organizations, industries, and passions.

We know because it makes up a significant portion of what we do for a career that maintaining an accurate press contact list may practically be a full-time job.

Why is it crucial to maintain an up-to-date media list?

 Having false information about the individual you want to influence to write a review of your business or product is crucial. Press releases that are sent to the incorrect people frequently end up in the garbage or worse.


Why should I include influencers in my media list?

 In the modern world, influencers are quite important. A single exchange or posting by an influencer, who shapes the opinions and behaviors of sizable or influential groups of individuals, can make or break your business.

In addition, a sizable portion of consumers now acquires practically all of their news online. Influencers, bloggers, and other online media are therefore included in releases media lists.