Learn About These Five Types of Backlinks

We all understand how important link building is to any SEO plan. The issue is that there are so many link vendors and outreach experts providing various backlinks that it can be difficult to determine which connections are valuable and which you should eschew at all costs. Because doing so can be an expensive mistake that significantly harms your website or, worse, a client’s website.

You can get a head start on link building by reading this article. We will review the five backlinks that will help your SEO efforts.

The Top Five Backlink Kinds for SEO

Although there are many different kinds of backlinks in SEO, only a few of them are worthwhile investing time and energy in obtaining. Let’s examine some of the most common backlink types and how to obtain them.

Links From Publications

Editorial backlinks are at the top of the list, which should come as no surprise to someone who enjoys employing digital PR for SEO.

One of the best links you can get is to be referenced as an authoritative source within the content. They frequently originate from reputable websites and generate a ton of referral traffic.

Backlinks From Guest Blogging

The majority of SEOs would create guest blogging links for every website they work on. It’s the most popular approach.

These links only have one drawback. Most people don’t take the effort to establish themselves. The links are frequently on low-quality websites because the majority of SEOs outsource to others (unless they work for a firm with an in-house link-building team).

Because both sites benefit, acquiring these links is not too difficult. The authoritative site provides you with a great backlink in addition to a valuable piece of content that will help promote your blog.

Before contacting any websites using these links, you must conduct your research. Building enduring relationships with webmasters and site owners whom you can use time and time again is another aspect of conducting your outreach.

  • The following should be included in a thorough content brief:
  • Ideas for headings
  • Comparable articles on the SERP
  • The purpose of the post is based on the SERP’s intent (commercial, informational, listicle, etc)
  • Target market
  • “Others” posed” queries

An example of an outline with essential points (including suggested headings for H2s, H3s, and H4s)

Include links in your email and let them know you’ll be pleased to share the content with your audience after it’s published. Especially if you already have a following and a portfolio.

Backlinks Based on Connections

Technically speaking, editorial links could include relationship-based backlinks. Nonetheless, editorial links are more natural and need less effort to obtain, as noted in the context above.

Relationship-based connections need time and work to develop, but they are ultimately beneficial.

Links in Company Profiles

Search engines will regard your website to be well-established within your industry if you create a digital footprint for your company. Making business profiles is one common method of doing this.

Public Speaking-Related Backlinks

Of course, not everyone will benefit from these kinds of backlinks. But if you feel comfortable speaking in front of a crowd or even using a microphone, taking part in public speaking events can be a great method to gain high-quality backlinks.


Because you’re creating a digital footprint that demonstrates your proficiency in public speaking as a subject matter expert, you’re promoted as a reliable authority in your field.

Links to Embedded Assets

This is one of the less popular sorts of backlinks. This is because it gets you loads of positions and gives your brand tremendous exposure.

Links to embedded assets can be divided into two groups:

  • Tools and accessories
  • Awards and titling

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the first of them will only succeed in certain markets. But if your industry allows it, it’s a fantastic method to earn recurring referrals with little labor.

Last Thoughts From Komdigit

A key component of SEO will always be creating high-quality backlinks, and it’s necessary to create links that will benefit your website. Backlinks that not only influence search engine rankings but also raise brand awareness and promote referral traffic are ideal.

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