Sniper or Shotgun? Select Your Approach for SEO Outreach

Reaching out to website owners and requesting connections back to your website is known as SEO outreach. But which strategy is the most effective?

Links have a significant role in Google ranking. Even if they weren’t, a backlink to your website from a well-known one would still drive traffic to it. And enhance the perception of your business and brand.

However, obtaining high-quality backlinks requires initiative; they don’t just happen. This is when outreach for SEO comes in.

How to Leverage SEO Outreach to Obtain High-Quality Links

It is just not going to happen that you wake up and find that you have landed a link from the New York Times or other high authority sites until you:

  • Make something valuable.
  • Locate an appropriate audience and inform publishers about it with a strong pitch.
  • Make something worthwhile.

When pitching to a prospect, if you provide them with anything of value, you could prevent your email from being immediately thrown in the garbage.

Their audience has to adore it for you to have the best possibility of receiving credit for it in the form of a hyperlink to your website.

Inform Publishers About It (With a Strong Pitch)

After you’ve located an appropriate audience and something of value, you need to make a strong case to publishers so that you may acquire a link on their website.

Not everyone likes sending out emails into the ether and hoping that a potential link reader would see them.

The following three strategies can be applied to your outreach initiatives:

1. Shotgun Outreach Strategy (Also Known as “Spray and Pray”)

The shotgun strategy isn’t the most nuanced of tactics, as the name would imply.

The shotgun technique entails sending a mass outreach email to numerous link prospects that lack any customization. Additionally, all you need to get started is an email account—other tools are not necessary.

For instance, when using a shotgun, not even the recipient’s name will appear in the email.

2. Sniper (A More Individualized Technique for Outreach)

In contrast to the shotgun, the sniper method adopts a different strategy. The sniper strategy is entirely manual and extremely focused, as opposed to bombarding the internet with hundreds of emails that are hardly personalized.

Therefore, before you email your link prospects, you must have a solid grasp of them if you want to use this strategy. Putting oneself in their shoes is, in our opinion, the best way to approach this.

To achieve this, consider these three questions for yourself:

  • Why ought they to glance at your email? How might the subject line pique their interest?
  • What makes the contents of your email interesting to them? What’s the catch?
  • How come they ought to connect to your website? Make sure your argument is strong enough to get them to agree to distribute the information and provide a link to it.

3. Scoped Shotgun, a Mixed Strategy

The scoped shotgun technique, which is a hybrid strategy that primarily uses automated customization through dynamic variables, blends the best features of the shotgun and the sniper into a single system.

Final Thoughts

To put it bluntly, the goal of SEO outreach is to acquire links.

However, you have to give something of worth in exchange for connections. If not, you’re only squandering your time. If all you ask for in your pitch is a “link, please,” don’t be shocked if you receive radio silence in reply.

Because of this, the “scoped shotgun” hybrid strategy is the most effective one for SEO outreach. A small personal touch may make the difference between someone replying to your email and then tossing it in the trash in an age where emails are sent nonstop.

If you have any more questions, Komdigit is here to assist you with all of them. Contact us right away!